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Who is NAMA ...
...and why should I become a member?

NAMA is non-profit company aiming to increase the efficiency of all managing agents & service providers within the industry. We communicate changes & developments in the sectional title industry, and educate trustees of bodies corporate of their role & responsibilities. Our vision is to mold the sectional title industry into an independent legal body similar to the Estate Agent Affairs Board – EAAB.

We provide managing agents and their clients with the necessary tools to broaden knowledge about the sectional title environment and the profession. By becoming a member of NAMA, you can help to build and ensure the Association grows as a relevant and meaningful professional regulatory body.

As a business owner, we will empower you to run a successful business and to retain and expand your client base. Managing agents and service providers who join NAMA are recognized as demonstrating an acceptable level of competency and ethical standing and who undertake to adhere to the association's code of conduct.

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NAMA Honourary Members

Being persons who have for reason of their special achievements, expertise and attainments or services rendered within the Community Scheme environment and who have served NAMA.

Barbara Shingler
Elmo-York Stuart
Prof Graham Paddock
Dr Gerhard Jooste
Tertius Maree
Justin Mason
Marina Constas
Greer Dawn Moore-Barnes (1944-2015)

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